5 Reasons to Combine Intellectual Work and Physical Activity

Not all people like exercising: some think that they are too busy for this. However, it is very important to find some time for your daily physical activity as it will not only make you healthier, but also give you even more benefits.

Let’s talk about why physical activity is so important (especially when combined with intellectual work).

1. It improves your mood.

When you train or engage into any other kind of physical activities, your body starts producing more endorphins. They lift mood, make you feel more relaxed and happy. Moreover, exercises also reduce the level of stress hormones and even ease the symptoms of depression.

Let’s not forget about group physical activity too: when you play football with your friends or do yoga in a class, you feel connected with other people. And you can also make new friends in the gym.

2. It helps concentrate better.

Various researches show that thinking along with learning skills improve if you exercise regularly. If you do have troubles with concentration, try participating in physical activities at least three times a week. It is known that aerobics along with muscle strengthening training is the best for that.

3. It helps train willpower and leadership skills.

When you start exercising regularly, it usually requires many efforts. You have to use all the willpower you have to build this new habit. However, it becomes easier with time. Moreover, your willpower improves and you become able to do many other things that seemed complicated to you before.

It is also known that physical activities help train leadership skills: of course, if you are engaged in any kind of a team sport. You learn how to communicate and cooperate with people, how to organize them and that helps you later with every other team (including the team of people you work with).

4. It helps sleep better.

It’s impossible to concentrate on any kind of intellectual work if you don’t receive enough sleep. However, when you are tired or stressed, it’s quite possible for you to have problems with your sleep and its quality.

Physical activities can help improve that. However, you have to choose them wisely and don’t forget about the time when you’re doing them. For example, a few minutes of relaxing yoga before bed can help you sleep well, while an intensive cardio workout would probably leave you full of energy and unable to sleep.

5. It is good for self-confidence.

We are able to do so many things when we are confident about ourselves. Sport is one of the best things for boosting self-confidence: you overcome challenges every day, you exercise more, eat better, and become slimmer. No wonder that you start feeling better about yourself and realize that you are able to achieve more: not in sports only, but in your life too.

One of the best things about physical activity is that it helps you to overcome difficult situations in your life and to concentrate on things you like the most. Without good health and mood high-quality intellectual work is nearly impossible, that’s why sport can help your brain as much as your body.

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