5 Rules You Should Know When You Travel Alone

The first time when you travel alone is unforgettable. Even if you are an experienced traveler who has spent months traveling with your friends, when you are alone everything looks different. You have no one to rely on, and you are the one who is responsible for everything you do. It actually does not matter whether you are planning to stay in a hotel or hitchhike, you need to remember some rules that will make your trip safe.

Rule #1. Never lose contact with your friends and relatives

Even if you have decided to spend some time without other people, do not be too egoistic. Always let them know that you are ok. Each time you are planning to go somewhere, send them a message telling about your plans. If you hitchhike, you need to be even more attentive. Send them information about the car you are hiking, send messages when you’ve left a city and when you are planning to come to another place. This is not a situation when you need not to follow your desires to be alone. Your safety is in a prior place.

Rule #2. Keep your gadgets charged

Modern gadgets are the main source of help for any traveler. Internet connection, maps, contacts − everything you need for a good and safe trip is there. But unfortunately, gadgets never keep charge as long as you need that. That is why you need to make everything possible to be in touch with the world. Buy batteries and portable chargers, power banks and always take them during your trip.

Rule #3. Get insurance

Insurance is a simple but effective way to cover some unexpected expenses. When you travel alone, you need to be more responsible with insurance documents. Make sure that insurance covers all cases with your health, including a broken leg or a cold. In some cases, insurance policy does not include car crashes. If you are planning to rent a car, make sure that your insurance covers those expenses. As a rule, insurance does not cost a lot, and any traveler can get it for any trip.

Rule #4. Be attentive with your new friends

If you are traveling to another country, you probably expect to find new friends. Moreover, you will probably do everything possible to meet new people and get some new acquaintances. We will not tell you that you need to avoid new people because all of them are bad and can harm you. But we recommend you not to trust everyone you meet for the first time. It is better not to tell that you are traveling alone. If you do not want to answer, just avoid this question. Also avoid talks about money, your expenses, and where you live (especially, if you rent a flat, not a hotel room with security guard). Do not ask strangers to come into your apartment. Never lend money to people you know just a couple of days.

Step #5. Keep copies of your documents

Experienced travelers always make copies of their documents even if they are traveling with their friends. When you are alone in the foreign country, you need to get some additional protection in case you lose your passport or someone still your documents. Make copies of all your documents including all pages of your passport, your ID card, your tickets, and insurance. These are the basic recommendations for every person who is planning to travel alone for the first time. All of them have the same goal – to make your trip safe and protected.

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