5 Ways to Begin a Day with Inspiration

The moment you open your eyes is decisive for your entire day. This is the moment when hundreds of different thoughts come to your mind and you just need to make sure these are the thoughts that are going to make a day for you. But you cannot control your motivation solely with thoughts. Morning activities will also determine your effectiveness and mood during the day. I’ve chosen 5 most effective ways to get inspired and motivated in the morning. When I follow at least 3 of them, I really enjoy myself during the day. Try them and you’ll see that you can be inspired all day long too.

1) A sense of accomplishment

It’s an unmatched feeling when you wake up in the morning and realize that all the major things you planned for the previous day are already done. Whether smalls tasks or big projects, finalizing them gives you an extra layer of confidence for the upcoming day. Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning and remember I wanted to leave at least something for the next day but didn’t, I get really proud of myself and ready for a completely new day with its own plans and accomplishments. Do not set too many plans for one day to avoid morning disappointment.

2) Don’t leave junk job for the morning

Morning is the best time to do great things, be it learning something new on working. That’s why I never leave dirty cups of tea on the table or dirty dishes in the kitchen. It simply gets me depressed to see something untidy all over the room. In the same way, I wouldn’t recommend sorting files on your PC in the morning. Make sure you do such things in the evening even if you don’t want to. It will be much better for you to do such routine things when you are sleepy and not focused rather than realizing you left them for the morning. You’d better leave this time for a light tasty breakfast and good morning coffee.

3) Take a closer look at your vision board

Create a vision board that illustrates your most desirable dreams and accomplishments. Use pictures and motivational words that you can recognize right after you open your eyes. You will thus have to put this board next to your bed so that you could see everything you are up to. Take a few minutes to look at every picture properly and remember why you want it so desperately. It will give you extra motivation to work harder on making your dreams come true. You will be better motivated to get up and get down to work immediately instead of hanging around.

4) Gratitude

Focus on all those things you’ve achieved in this life. Every morning, list about a dozen of things you are grateful for, even if they repeat daily. Your health, friends, parents, comfortable bed, breakfast waiting for you – and some more things that make you alive and happy in this world. Also, name up to 10 reasons you love yourself – previous day’s accomplishments, nice smile, strong will-power, etc. You will see that all your efforts are not vane and you want to work harder on accomplishing your goals.

5) Early morning

Even though sometimes it might be necessary to stay awake late at night, do not ever make it a habit, especially if your schedule is flexible or it’s a weekend. For me, the earlier I get up, the more inspired I am to complete all the things I’ve planned. Meanwhile, late morning makes me sad and I unintentionally realize that the part of the day has been lost. If you don’t want to get down to your study or work immediately, do some morning yoga. It clears up your mind and adds inspiration to make it a great day.

What would you add as the 6-th way to motivate yourself in the morning? I am thrilled to find out in the comments.

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