Being a Great Boss: 10 Essential Tips

A good boss does not mean a good person. You can ask whatever you want and everyone must do what you ask. You can demand more than an average person can do. You can demand more than a superhero can do. You can be a big boss. Everyone will be afraid of you. Everyone will hate you. And still, everyone will do everything you want.

Do you want to be that kind of boss? Or do you want to establish good relations with your team? Is fear a method to control people? You have so many questions, and we have all the answers. We have prepared this article to show you what kind of person is a good boss. Following these tips you can become a boss everyone would like to have. So let’s find out what can make you a good boss and what will make people hate you.

1. People are not resources

A good boss understands that people and his employees are not just resources that are used to complete the assignments. They are living being with feelings, expectations and problems. A good boss knows how to work with people effectively, he is compassionate and always makes efforts to understand any situation. He never judges personal life of his colleagues, their appearance, and their hobbies. Still, he must keep in mind who is married, who has children and who takes care of old parents. This balance in relations is hard to achieve, but it is really a must for a good working atmosphere.

2. Self-awareness really works

You need to understand the purpose of what and how you do. Never do something (or ask other people to do something) if you do not know what it can bring your business and how it can affect the results. Each decision should be taken only after careful consideration. A good boss is not a person who makes everything following his intuition. Keep that in mind and work with your awareness.

3. Your team is you

Never divide yourself from a team. You are not above your team, you are a part of it. You are responsible for every mistake, miscomprehension or problem. You are a face of your team. Any problem which appears in your team is your problem. And every achievement is not your personal achievement, but the result of hard working of each team member.

4. Everyone should grow

Teach your team. Teach every person in your team. If they do not grow, you never can develop your business. If you have people who do not want to learn something new, get rid of them. Today everything develops so quickly, that people who do not follow trends become torn off from the world. If you are ready to sacrifice your growth, keep working with people who have no desire to learn. But do not be surprised when your competitors reach success, and you fall down without a chance of revival.

5. Share your thoughts

If you have something to tell your team, tell that. Regular feedback is a basis for an effective communication and cooperation. If your team members do not understand what you think about their work, how can you expect better results? Talk to your people when you see some improvements, do not be greedy for good words. Of course, you need to talk to them if you see that something goes wrong. You need to understand what happened, not to decide that you just need to get rid of him.

6. Be honest

No one likes liars. If you want to be a good boss, you need to forget about lying. Be open to your colleagues: tell them what you really think. Still, be careful with your words. As a leader of a group, you need to choose words that will be able to make your people stand for you, not run from you. If you try to hide some information from everyone, think twice. It always happens like that: you try to hide something, but there is someone who also knows about that. Rumors start, and you can do nothing to stop them. Avoid such situations keeping open and honest relations with your colleagues.

7. Inspire people

Everyone needs inspiration. Some people find inspiration in books, other people find it in sports, but everyone likes to have a person who inspires them. You need to become this inspiration for them. They do not need to see just a boss who is sitting in his own cabinet and does something. They need to understand what exactly you do and how it affects the result. First, they will respect you. And then they would like to become like you. And this is the best form of inspiration.

8. Trust your people

If you do not trust your people, you cannot build an effective team. If you want to do everything by yourself, you are not a boss. If you cannot ask someone to so some responsible job, you have no right to be a boss. Every boss needs to know his people. In every team, there are people who are as much responsible as you are, and who can substitute you or help you with your assignments. But you need to find those people.

9. Never threat

Threatening your employees is the best way to destroy your company. If you threaten people to make them work better, it is a failure. No one will work effectively under the pressure. But everyone would like to run away. Besides, when you threaten a person, you should expect that he will make the same. He will find something that can turn your life into a hell. If even that does not scare you, keep threatening your people. You want to lose your business, aren’t you?

10. Allow your people make decisions

You are a boss. But it does not mean that you are the one who can make decisions. There are a lot of people on your team who can also make decisions, and, let’s be honest, who are better in some spheres than you are. Again, here we talk about trust. Always take into consideration what your colleagues think. Allow them to make their own mistakes. Of course, if you understand that losses from this mistake will be huge, you need to explain that to your team. This is an issue of how good your communication with a team is. So build up communication and strengthen your team. Make the success inevitable.

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